Practice set-up

Thinking of buying, selling, building or renovating a practice?

Practice Plus consultants are available to advise on many aspects of setting up a new practice or making changes to an existing practice.

We provide helpful guidelines, as well as advice on legislation and practical considerations.

We also offer training for constructing a business plan, strategic plan and risk management plan.

ADAVB membership consultancy is free for the first 20 minutes then an hourly fee of $220 (including GST) applies.

Consultancy will be customised to your needs, and can include:

  • A needs assessment interview to assist you to develop a personal checklist, timeline and budget for the project
  • A review of plans and provision of advice regarding your practice design, such as:
    • General elements
    • Infection prevention and control - sterilising room, laboratory and surgery elements
    • Layout and function – bench heights, flooring, work flow, ergonomics
  • Establishment of systems and processes including documentation, workflow and recruitment and induction of staff
  • Assistance with establishing policies and procedures to ensure quality governance of your practice
  • Accreditation.

Our Practice Plus consultants also provide advice on selling or closing a practice.

Consultancy can be conducted on site, or where possible, we can provide a remote option via phone or Zoom.

Contact us to book your consultation.

Committed to you, your team and your practice