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June Clinical Update

Fracture resistance of defective amalgam restorations repaired with a resin-based composite material

Hopkins CE, Restrepo-Kennedy N, Elgreatly A, Comnick C, Vargas M, Teixeira EC. JADA 2023:154(2):141-150.

Compiled by Dr Sarah Chin.


Many amalgam restorations are functional after a number of years and may have a defective, fractured portion or secondary caries. Dental practitioners need to consider whether the amalgam can be repaired rather than replacing the whole amalgam restoration. Studies have previously found that repairs with amalgam or composite materials can last several years, and most studies have looked at small defects.

The option to repair can be affordable, delay the need for more invasive procedures and prevent unnecessary removal of healthy tooth structures. There are no studies on the reparability of large defects in large amalgam restorations including interproximal surfaces. The aim of this study was to evaluate the fracture resistance of large mesio-occluso-distal (MOD) amalgam restorations with a cusp fracture repaired with a bulk-filled resin-based composite material.

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