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June Clinical Update

Post-treatment stability in Orthodontic Retention with Twistflex Retainers - do patients benefit from additional removable retainers?

Knaup I, Schulte U, Bartz JR, Niederau C, Bastos Craveiro R, Jager A, Wolf M. Clinical Oral Investigations (2022) 26:5215–5222

Compiled by Dr Sarah Chin


Retention is required to reduce the risk of relapse, but there is limited evidence of the efficacy of retention protocols and duration. Long- term retention with fixed lingual retainers is considered the gold standard. Despite this, there are undesirable changes in the tooth position in the presence of retainers. “Active” lingual retainers are able to exert forces on teeth causing torque changes of adjacent incisors or opposite inclination of contralateral canines. Unwanted tooth movements occur more frequently with patients with oral habits, with teeth without interincisal contacts and with retainers in the maxilla rather than in the mandible.

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