10 March 2022

New member benefits with Defibrillators Australia

We are proud to partner with Defibrillators Australia to provide exclusive discounts for ADAVB members.

Defibrillators Australia is the number one expert when it comes to defibrillators, proudly supporting dental professionals since 2014 in implementing defibrillator programs into practices across Victoria. Nine out of 10 people die from sudden cardiac arrest out of a hospital setting. A defibrillator can change this number because every second counts. 

They offer easy solutions when choosing a defibrillator to meet your circumstances. Their team of Heart Safe Angels take the confusion out of which one is best for you and they will listen and guide you in selecting the best option that suits your needs.  

Defibrillators Australia is offering 40 per cent off the full price of a Defibrillator Bundle to ADAVB members.

Further information: 1300 33 11 93 or defibrillatorsaustralia.com.au.

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