ADAVB Award Recipients

The Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) awards members and other affiliated persons for their service to the profession and the ADAVB.

Award for distinguished service

2020     A/Prof Nicola Kilpatrick, Dr Jeremy Graham
2019     A/Prof W Bischof, Dr T Cutler, Prof M Woods, A/Prof I Hewson OAM
2017     Dr S Chen, A/Prof J Shand, Dr G Burt
2016     Prof D Manton
2015     Dr M Bowman, Dr R Green, Dr G Morris
2014     Dr J Boucher, Dr C Callahan
2013     Dr E Crawford, Prof E Reynolds AO, Dr D Lawry
2012     E Mourant
2011     Dr S Cottrell, Emeritus Prof L Brearley Messer
2009     Dr D Curnow
2008     A/Prof A Heggie, Dr A Parker OAM, D Wiesenfeld
2007     A/Prof G Quail
2006     Dr G Knight, Dr J Locke
2004     G Pearson
2003     Dr A Burns, Dr M Burns OAM, I Crawford
2002     Dr P Johansen, Dr J Isaacs MBE
2001     Dr D Behrend, Dr D Hurley, Dr R King
2000     Dr G Dickinson, S Hutton OAM, R Story AM RFD
1999     Dr R Cook AM, A/Prof M Tyas AM, A/Prof R Hall OAM
1998     P Rashleigh
1995     Dr A Cattermole
1994     Dr R Milner
1992     E Feiner
1990     Dr V Amerena, Dr D Loader
1989     Dr M Sullivan, Dr W Chalmers
1988     Prof E Storey, Dr L Williams, Dr P Finch
1987     S Jensen
1986     Dr R Gillies
1985     E Valmont 

Dentistry achievement award

2020    Dr Igor Cernavin, Dr Alan Coveney
2017    Mr G Dimitroulis (OMS), Dr M Hall (public dentistry)
2016    A/Prof J Brownbill (service to the Melbourne Dental School in paediatric dentistry), Dr L Wordsworth (long service as a committee chair)
2014    Dr B Creighton (paramedic volunteer work), Dr N Cochrane (service to the ADAVB and Melbourne Dental School), Dr T Collett (ADAVB group activity and overseas volunteer work)
2013    Dr D Bailey (eviDent Foundation), Dr R Bastiaan AM (RFD, military plaques), Prof Mike Morgan (fluoridation)
2012    Dr A Dickinson, Dr R Goldberg OAM and Prof S Tan (special service to dentistry)
2011    Mr G Fowler (life-long commitment to the service of the people of Ballarat and surrounding districts as oral surgeon)
2010    Dr S Orme (ADAVB Clinical Update contributor), Dr D Goldsmith (overseas voluntary service), Dr G Bowell (hospital dentistry)
2009    W Besly (overseas voluntary service), Dr D Whelan (rural public dentistry)
2008    Dr N Hewson (long service on ADAVB Council), Dr S Koshy (public dentistry), Dr T Roseman (community service and management in public health sector)
2007    Dr G Nervo (endodontics: teaching, education, research and clinical advancement)
2005    Dr P Dalgliesh (contribution to the 25th anniversary celebrations of water fluoridation of Melbourne's water supply), Dr P Wong (domiciliary services)
2004    Dr A Lawrence, Dr P Zimet, Dr J Rattray, Dr D Highfield (long service as committee chairs)
2003    Dr B Drysdale (CRO/PC), Dr S Warneke AM (hospital dentistry)
2002    Dr G Dickinson, A/Prof B Levant, Dr C Newbury CBE, Dr G Oakley AM, Prof E Storey ED (fluoridation implementation)
1999    Dr B Feiglin (traumatology conference)
1998    Dr J Robertson AM (overseas voluntary service)

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